Social Media Awards: My Picks is hosting the 3rd Annual Open Web Awards Social Media Edition. Pete Cashmore set up awards that ensure we keep the buzz going linking back to his site. Brilliant! We can nominate our favorites in multiple social media-related categories.

The catch: we nominate once a day in each of the 50 categories through November 15th…AND only the top five nominations in each category move forward to the voting round.

Basically, the nomination period is a semi-final round. Mashable ensures users return to his site day after day, and tweet their results. Great PR for Mashable. He’s creating a social media frenzy by rewarding the social media frenzy. Like I said, brilliant.

Gotta’ love Pete. Wish we had him on our team!

With the few days left for nominations, I thought I’d share a couple of NASA-related choices (plus one or two).

Here are my nominations:

Tweet of the Year:

Tweet from Space by Tw-astronaut @Astro_Mike Massimino.

STS-125: First ever tweet from space

STS-125: First ever tweet from space

Funniest Tweet:

Tweet about life after space by @Astro_Mike.

Life After Space

Gravity Reality: Life AFTER Space

Twitter User of the Year: @Astro_Mike — over 1 million followers!

Most Inspiring to Follow: @Astro_Mike.

Best Brand Use of Twitter: NASA.

Best Brand Use of Facebook: NASA.

Best Brand Use of YouTube: NASA YouTube.

Best Flickr Photographer: NASA’s Bill Ingalls

Best Online Video Web Series: Mike Massimino’s “NASA Behind Scenes” series.

Best Non-Profit Use of Social Media: NASASpace Tweep Society + OpenNASA.

TwitPic of the Year: French Photographer Thierry LeGault’s spectacular shot of the STS-125 Hubble repair mission in front of the Sun. (FYI: NASA provided the camera to enable Thierry to capture this image.)

Thierry LeGault's image of STS-125 mission

Thierry LeGault's image of STS-125 mission

Best Musical Artist to Follow: Tom Fletcher of McFly

I know you’re thinking the last one doesn’t fit under the space theme. Think again. (See previous posts.)

Call to ACTION: You only have a few days left to give space a chance in the universe of social media. Make your voice count.

Crosspost on OpenNASA.


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8 responses to “Social Media Awards: My Picks

  1. I find it curious that you would nominate “open” when they block specific individuals from posting coments. Not exactly “open”. That is why I am posting here – and not there since my post would never appear on

    • bethbeck


      OpenNASA started as a community forum among the Gen Y-ers — an experiment in social conversation, which was totally new at the time. I think it’s a work-in-progress. (Hey, it’s obviously evolving since they’re asking a Boomer like me to guest post.)

      We, in the space biz, are learning to adjust to the world beyond the press release. You’ve been pushing us there for years. (I think you’re probably the first space blogger, before “blog” was even a word. I’ll bet you experienced hick-ups in the beginning. Just a guess…)

      I want to encourage their efforts, whether or not everything works perfectly. They’ll be influencing the space agenda long after we’re gone.

      Maybe give them another try….?

  2. “I want to encourage their efforts, whether or not everything works perfectly.”

    Huh? They (Nick, Jessy etc.) ban people with whom they do not agree. This is a deliberate action on their part – it is also the sign of “closed” thinking – not “open” thinking. FAIL.

    • bethbeck

      I so totally appreciate their energy, idealism, and fresh ideas. I would love to see them succeed. They are growing and learning through experience, just as you and I have through the years. I was crazy on fire when I came to NASA too. I singed many feathers in my quest to change the world for good — including my own. I’m thankful for those who saw something in me worth nurturing. I want to pass it forward.

  3. Last comment on this topic: So … since you have had several opportunities to address the issue at hand, I guess you do not disapprove of their policy of banning comments by certain individuals because they do not agree with what those individuals have to say, right?

    • bethbeck

      I think we each have the right to make choices. I can only speak for my own choices. Criticism is a very difficult thing to endure. We each deal with it differently.

      Is a window “open” with only a one-inch gap, six-inch opening, or wide open? Does the very fact that air gets in makes it open? If so, we’re talking about degrees of openness. After being in an environment sealed shut for years, I’ll take a one-inch gap and celebrate it.

      If arrows come through that one-inch gap, I think human nature might dictate slamming the window. Standing in front of arrows…now that takes tremendous courage. Let’s face it, Keith. You’re quite a marksman. I think we should sit down and talk.

      • Yes, violating my own pledge – you won’t answer my question – I must therefore assume that you approve of Nick, Jessy et al blocking taxpayers from posting on a website they utilize and administer on government time. FAIL.

  4. bethbeck

    Not aware of any government time expended on administering OpenNASA. I believe it’s all off the clock. We blog on our own time.

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