Space Tweeps: Flying High

Oh what to say about the amazingly flawless STS-129 Space Shuttle launch…AND the opportunity to watch it with space tweeps from around the world? Yes, around the world. @RobOotc traveled from New Zealand — the furthest of ALL. (Shout out to Tiffany @astrogerly and @ericmblog for driving non-stop from Michigan!)

How incredible to give 100+ eager @NASA twitter fans the opportunity of a lifetime to see one of the few remaining Shuttle launches. Yes, I get emotional writing about it. We’re at the end of an era. We’re watching history unfold in the skies above us.

But, I gotta’ say…I spent a good deal of time over the last two days explaining Twitter to non-Tweeps. (Can I get away with calling them Twitter losers…or TWosers? Is that totally rude?)

My advice: you can’t just stick a toe in. JUMP!

The guys still dry have been asking about the Return on Investment ROI for Twitter. I had an entire blog ready on ROI of Twitter, but I’m throwing it away. Instead, I’ll paraphrase a comment by @CatherineQ from New Zealand. She told me her personal ROI (PROI?) for using Twitter was one Million fold. Her reward: Space Shuttle launch and tweet-up!

How cool is that? OUR launch tweet-up IS HER Twitter ROI.

So, what’s my ROI for using Twitter? The chance to give 100+ tweeters the thrill of a lifetime with today’s Shuttle launch. They couldn’t stop grinning…and giggling…and thanking us for sharing what WE do for a living — this thing we call “space.” They even made a presention to the NASA employees. A poster they’d signed…for us. Now, that’s a first.

Thanks guys! Soooo much.

Nick @Skytland suggested we scan the poster and make it available online to our tweeters. Brilliant. Stay tuned. Thanks also to @flyingjenny and @apacheman for hanging with the tweeps as our KSC experts…and founders of Space Tweep Society.

Because our tweeters were so enthusiastic and incredibly awesome, we’ve already had discussions for more launch tweet-ups — another ROI, perhaps? We only have five launches left, after all. (And, BTW, launch control called. They’d like us to create the Huffer-Puffer Brigade to blow the clouds away for all the remaining Shuttle launches!) 😉

Let’s do this thing…AGAIN!

You too can share our emotional experience from the launch. Take a look at the living-growing archive of our tweet-up tweets, along with our group pic. Aren’t we a good-looking group? Now, if we only had a video record of our space-wave. Or…maybe not. You had to be there.

Thank YOU space tweeps. You’re the best! I LOVE you all!


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11 responses to “Space Tweeps: Flying High

  1. You are right Beth, Anyone wondering about Twitter needs to just jump in. But how do I communicate with people I don’t know? Say “hello, how are you?” The knowledge and excitement of space tweeps is matched by their consideration of each other. Bingo, all of a sudden people wish they had jumped in sooner. So anyone who wonders what Twitter is all about? Jump In. Ask questions. Get ready for learning, teaching and laughing. You will enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Beth, I’m so grateful that #NASA has someone like you. Someone that cares so much about the future of our space program to unselfishly push the frontiers of what’s possible in government for the benefit of everyone. Someone who provides people from around the world an unparalleled opportunity to experience something too many people take for granted. And someone who can so eloquently summarize it much better than I ever could on this blog! Thank you for all that you do!

  3. ld

    Had it not been for Astro_Mike tweeting during a crew cake event, I probably wouldn’t have done it – but what are you gonna do when an astronaut makes a suggestion like that? Those guys are still our heroes, are they not? If it was good enough for an astronaut, what the heck?

    Then I received a very professional lesson from Mr. Skytland. I was hooked. Not as prolific as some, but I definitely follow things for which I would otherwise have no time, launch info, especially. Even though I write for a living, many times, I’m struck with writer’s block. Twitter has reinforced the importance of being succinct – something I’m usually not. Thanks – and congrats on a successful Tweet-up!

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