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2009: Visual Highlights

I didn’t get out Christmas Cards this year. Ok, I’ve missed the last few years. Here is our Christmas mantle. Think of it as a greeting card. BTW, the batik on the mantle came from a market outside Johannesburg, South Africa. I wanted to decorate the tree with orange giraffes inspired from the batik…but ran out of time. Next year, maybe.

Christmas Mantle

Christmas Mantle


We’re ending the year in frosty style. My daughter’s roommate caught me taking an iPhone picture in New York City. The only problem with a touch screen is having to take off my glove every time I wanted to take a picture. But worth the frostbite.

iPhone view of NYC

iPhone view of NYC. Photo credit: Bindu Balan

Diet Mountain Dew Ultraviolet

Buzz and I LOVE UVDew. Yes, I’m an addict. Supply is a problem, though. Can’t seem to find it anymore. But nice while it lasted!


Diet UV Dew Addiction

Space Tweeps and social media defined 2009.

Twitter changed everything this year. Here’s a Wordle text art that captures topics I tweet about.

Twitter Wordle

My iPhone allowed me to take pics and post them directly to Twitter.

I took this image of Hubble repair from our NASA monitor

Wired Magazine featured my Twitpic of Hubble Repair.

Alexis Madrigal of WIRED Science picked up my Twitpic image (taken with my iPhone of our NASA TV feed during the Hubble Repair mission) to feature in an article titled, Humans in Space: 10 Amazing Spacewalk Photos.

I started blogging this year. How cool to get picked by WordPress for their front page for my blogpost, Space: What’s NOT to Hope for?”


Freshly Pressed

We hosted several tweet-ups at NASA. Here’s a picture from the live link with the Space Station. The best part of the Tweet-ups for me: meeting folks in person after sharing “space” with them on Twitter. I feel I’ve made great friends through the introduction of social media.

Space Station Twee-Up

Space Station Tweet-Up

STS-127 Tweet-Up at NASA HQ

STS-127 Tweet-Up at NASA HQ

Our first Tweet-up at the STS-129 Space Shuttle launch. Here we are at the press site Launch Clock.

Space tweeps @ Launch Countdown clock. 11/16/09 Photo Credit: NASA/Carla Cioffi

Space tweeps @ Press site Launch Countdown clock. 11/16/09 Photo Credit: NASA/Carla Cioffi

Space Peeps

NASA’s graphic artists created this adorable little Space Peeps Diarama to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo missions. Don’t you love it?

Space Peeps

Africa: Zambia and South Africa

Life-changer. Several blogposts from this fall, if you want to learn more. Social media helped us share the experience real-time through Facebook, Twitter, and Twitpic.

Here is our first view of Johannesburg, South Africa from the air.

Sunset over Johannesberg
South Africa Giraffe

South Africa Giraffe

Zambia: Lion

Zambia: Watercolor of Lion Pic

It's all about the children of Africa!

Open your hearts to the children of Africa!

Texas: Home Again

I attended my 35th High School Reunion in San Marcos, Texas. Here’s the adorable rocket BBQ I found in Wimberly. If I could’ve fit it on the plane, I’d have it in my backyard right now!

Texas Moon Rocket BBQ

Texas: Moon Rocket BBQ

SoCo in Austin (South Congress Avenue)

SoCo in Austin (South Congress Avenue)

SoCo Austin: Hey Cupcake

SoCo Austin: Hey Cupcake

What a good year to be a Longhorn!

What a good year to be a Longhorn!

Happy New Year!

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