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Amazing Discovery!

This image of Space Shuttle Discovery on her way to the launch pad is quite the buzz.

Space Shuttle Discovery on the way to the launchpad.

Space Shuttle Discovery. Photo credit: Larry Tanner, USA

A friend of mine from Boeing emailed the pic to me yesterday morning. I traced down the photographer, Larry Tanner, United Space Alliance. I posted it via twitter and the twittersphere went nuts. 1600 views on twitpic yesterday. National Geographic plans to feature the image, with Larry’s permission, on their website.

Larry told me the planets aligned perfectly for him to capture this shot.

Thank you Larry for sharing this moment with all of us.

FYI: Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch on November 1 at 4:40 p.m. EDT, taking to orbit Commander Steve Lindsey, Pilot Eric Boe and Mission Specialists Alvin Drew, Mike Barratt, Tim Kopra, Nicole Stott and Robonaut 2.

STS-133 crew with Robonaut 2

STS-133 crew with Robonaut 2

If you want to participate in their journey to space and back, you can help select wake-up songs for the STS-133 crew, or submit your own original music for the last mission, STS-134, with NASA’s Space Rock contest.

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Bonkered Much-ness.

I finally watched Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” this weekend. Neither of my daughters wanted to watch it. They thought it looked too dark. I rarely watch movies unless I’m with them. I’m so glad I indulged myself. The movie spoke to me.

Mad Hatter: Almost Alice Soundtrack

Mad Hatter: 'Almost Alice' Soundtrack

My favorite “Alice in Wonderland” movie quote:

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

The movie feels like the story of my life. I expend a good deal of effort fighting battles to make the impossible possible. We have to bust open doors, knock down walls, build steps, pave paths for others to follow. Sometimes the battle is brutal, but always rewarding when we reach success.

Cheshire Cat: Almost Alice 2010 movie

Cheshire Cat

Sadly, many of us exist in a world of “can’t” or “won’t” or “never-been-done” or “not-on-my-watch.” I believe these are words that humans grow up hearing — from childhood to adulthood. These words are much easier and less time-consuming than “can” or “will” or “let’s try” or “what-can-I-do-to-help.” We get easily worn down by the process of life itself. If we listen to naysayers, we lose our way. Much like Alice did, once she lost her Dad.

“You’re not the same as you were before. You’ve lost your much-ness.” The Mad Hatter to Alice.

How many times do we lose our much-ness, when we share our ideas with others who tell us what we can’t or shouldn’t do? Or they tell us why our ideas won’t work, or what horrible things will happen if we try. We all need those people around us who can encourage and support us. But we also need to be that encouraging person for others in our lives. Listen to the Mad Hatter. He has much wisdom in the midst of his bonkeredness.

“It’s impossible!” Alice.

“Only if you believe it is.” Mad Hatter.

Alice In Wonderland Poster

Alice In Wonderland Poster

So here’s my appeal to you:

Stop living in reality. Live, instead, in the world of possibilities.

Reality is what others created for us. Possibilities are what WE create for ourselves.

Don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do. Only listen to those who help you figure out what you CAN do. Learn to trust the much-ness deep down inside you…where no “no” has ever touched. Then, surround yourself with a wonderland of tomorrows.

As for me,

I want to live my life with bonkered much-ness!


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