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Here is a tribute to my Daddy that I wrote on Father’s Day in 2009. I’m blessed to grow up with my very own knight in shining armor. Father’s everywhere, I hope you can be one too. Happy Father’s day!

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I was sitting in church this morning during the Father’s Day tribute thinking about how much I appreciate my Daddy. He died forever ago in 1991. The gifts he gave me will live on…in me, my children, and their children. I grabbed the church bulletin and started scribbling my thoughts. I share them with you.

I grew up believing I could do or be anything I wanted.


Where did that come from?

Quick story: When I was five, I wanted to be to grow up and be a horse. Not just any horse. Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger. My brother wanted to be Roy Rogers. Yes, I’m dating myself. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Roy Rogers, he was King of the Cowboys in old Western movies. Trigger, his horse, was magnificent. I wanted to be just like him!  

Side note: If…

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