Space Apps Winners @ MAVEN Launch

The prize for the winning International Space Apps team: MAVEN launch from Cape Canaveral tomorrow, weather permitting.

L-1 MAVEN launch

Here’s a quick update about the six winning apps, which represent wide ranging solutions to challenges on Earth and in space.

The Best Mission Concept, Popeye on Mars, offers a reusable greenhouse for Mars, comprised of a fully equipped aeroponic system to grow spinach over a 45-day mission.

The winner of the Best Use of Hardware, ISS Base Station, created a mechanical arm that points to Space Station in the sky as the vehicle and crew pass overhead.



The winner of the Best Use of Data, Sol, created the first-ever interplanetary weather app to provide users information about weather on Earth and Mars.


The Most Inspiring App, T-10, saves time for astronauts by using the location of Station and real-time weather data to alert astronauts when conditions are good to snap photos of designated locations on Earth. Astronauts can indicate when they will look out the cupola down on Earth so T-10 app users can wave back at the crew. The T-10 Apps team received “Astro-monials” from Station crew about the need for T-10 on Space Station.



The Galactic Impact award winner, NASA Greener Cities Project, crowdsources microclimate data through low-cost sensors, network connectivity, and urban gardens to aggregate atmospheric measurements across cities. The data is displayed in real-time for officials to monitor air quality in communities and provide researchers insight into global climate.


The People’s Choice award went to ChicksBook which provides how-to info on raising chickens and managing a backyard farm.


I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the teams and hear the stories of what inspired them to create their space apps. We’re in the planning stages for the 2014 International Space Apps Challenge. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s MAVEN launch goes as scheduled. The forecast is 60% change of favorable weather.

Mars or BUST!!

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