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Hashtag Pics Spark World Cup Obsession

It’s the little things, really, when you get right down to it. Little things like #hashtag-generated soccer balls and flags inside tweets. That’s all it takes to spark a World Cup obsession.

South Africa World Cup

All you brand guys out there: Learn a lesson from this!

I’m not a soccer fan. I admit it. I had my eye on the World Cup because of where it’s being held: South Africa. I’m a South Africa-holic after visiting there last summer with my mother and daughter.

The home of World Cup 2010 will be home to my daughter for the next year or more.

Reason enough for me to take interest, don’t you think? But my interest caught fire when I noticed the cute little soccer ball showing up on tweets after the hashtagged #WorldCup.  World Cup

I first noticed it after our NASA Earth Observing guys posted a twitpic of the World Cup stadium from space.

World Cup stadium from space. Credit: NASA

World Cup stadium from space. Credit: NASA

World Cup Joberg Stadium Tweet

SOOOOO cute. SOOOOOO fun. What a cute little World Cup soccer ball!!

World Cup #nasa tweet
A simple little picture of a soccer ball grabbed my attention enough that I came home and turned on ESPN to watch the World Cup overview. So unlike me. But my NASA world keeps colliding with my life. As I’m watching ESPN, they air an interview of Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson talking from Space Station about the World Cup.

World Cup Tweet

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson on Space Station. Credit: NASA

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson on Space Station. Credit: NASA

Ok, now I can’t help myself. I have to tweet about it. Next I notice little hashtag-generated flags for the countries of the teams playing in the World Cup. Oh I’m so totally addicted now!

World Cup Flag Tweet

Then I get busted by this tweet:

World Cup Busted Tweet@Bongobeardy was right…to a certain extent. But by this time, I actually had the World Cup South Africa vs. Mexico game on in the background at work. I could only find a Spanish channel carrying the game, which made the concept of the World Cup even more “worldly” with Spanish sports announcers giving play-by-play. Now, I’m following on the web.

World Cup Addiction Tweet

I’ve even found my new posterboy: heartthrob Danish Nicklas Bendtner. (To be honest, I looked up the Danish team because Mikkell Vestergaard of my previous post is heading down to the World Cup to watch the match.)

Nicklas Bendtner: Denmark

Nicklas Bendtner: Denmark. Credit: AFP

He SO looks like actor Clive Owen here.

I post this story as a testament to simple brand strategies with huge payoffs. Adorable little images inserted into tweets fueled several new passions for me. So easy. Very little effort. Ripple effects far-outreaching the initial idea, I imagine.

What I’d love to see? Little NASA logos hashtag-generated in tweets.

How cool would that be?!? I’d tweet even MORE (if that’s possible) just to see those cute little pics. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a space helmet for #astronaut, a rocket for #space, an Earth for….well, you get my drift.

Hey Twitter, you’re sitting on a gold mine in advertising — not that I want to pay for NASA logo pics. But still, I could see brand managers lining up to pay per click, etc. Just sayin’…..


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