Sing to Me, Space!

Do you think space is a silent void where no one can hear you scream? Think again.

Scientists at the University of Iowa, working with NASA, captured the music of space – an orchestra of sounds collected deep in outer space where no human has ever gone before. Not even Captain Kirk!

At NASA, we not only enable you to peer out into the far reaches of the universe through Hubble’s robotic eyes, but also bring you heavenly sounds from space. And, let’s face it. How COOL is that?

Ok, true confession.

Most of these recordings don’t really sound like music at all. The words I crafted sound nicer than what you’ll hear below. I’ve gathered together some oddly unsettling and even spooky recordings to share with you. In fact, you may recognize sounds that remind you of old sci fi movies.

Yet, they’re not science fiction. They’re science fact.

Here’s what my imagination tells me is going on out there:

  1. Crickett invasion of Jupiter
  2. Earth homing beacon for visiting UFOs
  3. Tarzan of Jupiter’s Jungle Moon (1st 20 seconds silent.)
  4. Popcorn popping OR blazing fingers on a keyboard (Lightning on Saturn. Really!)
  5. Milky Way Expresso Machine 
  6. Man on the Moon Burping (I hope his wife has better manners.)
  7. Twilight Zone (Nice summer night until you realize you’re ON another PLANet!)

I wonder what the Universe is trying to tell us, if we could only understand? How many times have we stopped long enough to listen?

So what do you think? Will our space sounds sing you to sleep or give you a nightmare? I wonder…

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  1. Your invented titles for these sounds are perfect.

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