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NaNoWriMo=1 Month+50k Words

This is my second year participating in National Novel Writing Month. It’s not too late for you, too.

Why participate? After 2000 words or less per day, you can have a manuscript in your hands. It may not be pretty, but it’s an accomplishment, none-the-less.

The coolest part for me about writing furiously for 30 days? Giving my internal editor a holiday!

What freedom to abandon logic and rationale and let the characters’ lives unfold day after day. Yes, I know some of you start with elaborate outlines and character plots. Not me. I go rogue. Like James Bond, but with a laptop…. Ok, not even close. 😉

Here’s a teaser. My first 300 NaNoWriMo words:

Emma Forrester Takes No Prisoners

Wafts of fresh paint assaulted Emma as she followed her new school principal through the door. Army green? Who picks army green with all the other colors in the rainbow? Foreboding embraced her like the doorframe she passed through. Before her, 30 students arranged in neat rows, all staring. All dressed in uniforms, army green skirts and pants, white shirts. Ties for the boys.

Emma glanced down at her frayed jeans, so lovingly painted in patterns and swirls, paisleys and petals, during the night – just for this special occasion, her first day in her new life at Hippie Hollow. She looked back up, catching the many exchanged glances, knowing looks. The boys sat a tad taller in their desks. The girls’ eyebrows arched in bridges of disapproval.

Did I step into a time machine? Who wears school uniforms anymore? And in a place called Hippie Hollow?

“Uh hem,” the principal cleared her throat. “Ladies and gentleman, I’d like you to give a warm Hippie Hollow welcome to our newest,” the principal let her eyes sweep Emma from ponytail to painted toenails “student.”

Chairs scraped the floor in screeching protest as the students snapped to attention, standing straight, saluting Emma in crisp unison. They sat again. Still staring. The air pregnant with anticipation, but of what?

Emma felt her veins pump liquid iron as she stiffened for battle. How could she have been so foolish as NOT to know about the dress code? Hippie Hollow High might as well be a military camp. She’d weathered this battle before. Boys: eager to accept her. Girls: the instant rejection.

She walked to her chair, tactical strategy forming in her head. Armor up, weapons loaded. Emma Forrester never loses at anything, ever.

Emma Forrester takes no prisoners. Girls at Hippie Hollow High, watch your step!


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